Ice cream parlor: Which content for Instagram?

Ice cream parlor: Which content for Instagram?

Social Media Manager Sabrina has asked me to produce content for the launch of the Instagram page of “Eisdiele Gelati”.

Which content appeals to visitors of an ice cream parlour and how can this content be used over a longer period of time to create posts and share them on Instagram?

In order to be successful on Instagram as a company, it is particularly important to offer visitors to the site a benefit. Only friends and acquaintances or business partners would follow a commercial page if visitors did not see any benefit in the content. Visitors want to experience the brand, learn the story behind the brand behind it, get to know employees or customers. They want to accompany the company on its mission and want to feel that the company is getting closer to its vision every day.

Follower also want to get to know the company’s values. It makes sense to include topics such as sustainability or the nature of a fair production. Here, however, it makes no sense to present all photos, videos and texts in a particularly beautiful way in order to portray a false view of the company. On social media, it is always important to communicate fairly and honestly and to take care of your customers.

For the Gelati ice cream parlour, we have opted for photos of the finished dishes, the staff at work, the furnishings, videos of the creation of the dishes and videos explaining how to find the ice cream parlour.

The importance of image processing.

For photos and videos posted in the Instagram feed, it’s especially important to have a consistent look. A mess is not appealing to anyone. That’s why the photos and videos are all edited in the same way. 

To do this, I’ve created my own photo and video filter for this project, which is applied to all images. If a visitor now comes to the Instagram page and finds a varied gallery, which has a beautifully designed color characteristic, this is way more appealing.

This definitely makes it more likely to turn a visitor into a follower and possibly a true fan of the brand.

Good luck on Instagram!

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