Download: FIT BODY AI App

Download: FIT BODY AI App

I have developed a fitness app in the last three months. The app is called “FIT BODY AI” and is now available in Apple’s App Store. There is a lot of work involved in this project.  So I would be happy if you would try it out and start your training today.

Link: Apple Store Download

Train with workouts created individually for you. 

The intelligent system automatically creates your optimal training plan based on your current fitness level. 

You can train wherever and whenever you want. For most exercises you don’t need any equipment. In this way you can achieve your sporting goal as efficiently as possible.

Train different body regions to strengthen your muscles healthily. For the best result train on 3 days a week with enough time for your recovery.

You don’t need a coach anymore. Have your training plan individually generated by the intelligent system. The app does all this automatically. 

All you have to do is start. Start your training now!

Free features:

Start the training plan today and train for 2 weeks completely free of charge.

Exclusive content:

  • Get access to all trainings included in the app.
  • Have your workout generated automatically.
  • Adapt the exercises to your current training level.

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