“Flowers You Like” Out Now

My new song Flowers You Like is now available on all streaming platforms.

“Sea Catches the Sunlight” Out Now

Releasing this new Song on Spotify today.

“Don’t Bother”: The 4th song in 4 weeks

Listen to my new song on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal & Co.

Music: Out of Time

A new single is released today on all platforms. I’m always happy when you listen to my music.

Music: Stream “Retirement”

Listen to my new song “Retirement” on Spotify

Music: My new song “Elephants”

Today a new song from me will be released on Spotify, Apple Music & Co. I took the…

Music: New Single “Munich” released

My new Single Munich is released

Music: “Sina” is now on Spotify

That’s the title I produced for the video about Sina. Now on Spotify, Apple Music & co. Thank…

Music: “Niño” released

Childhood without worries in an Indian costume. Remembering that in the song.

Music: “Palm Tree” now Live

There’s a new song in my Spotify library. It’s called “Palm Tree” and can be streamed from today….