App: My Fitness App is on the App Store

App: My Fitness App is on the App Store

Fit Body AI is the name of the app and it is now on the App Store. I developed the app completely by myself.

It is the all-in-one fitness app for men and women.

Based on the user’s training status, the app automatically generates workouts and an individual training plan. Varied exercises are targeted at muscles of the whole body.

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To train most effectively, train 3 times a week.

 Start with upper body workouts, followed by your leg workout and a full body workout. Between workouts, you’ll have time for active regeneration with runs or swimming sessions.

The last months I put a lot of time and heart and soul into the creation of the concept, the programming of algorithms and the production of the videos. I am happy when you start your training with the app and give me your feedback. 

Start today and challenge yourself!

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